About The Podcast and Blog

The PAINE Podcast and Medical Blog is designed to help physician assistants master the information from the NCCPA blueprint so they can pass the PANCE/PANRE.  It is meant to be a FREE resource (in true FOAMed spirit) so busy students and professionals can listen to the podcast and then come to the blog for the show notes and references.

I will use the most up to date articles, blogs, and online resources to breakdown a topic from the NCCPA blueprint each month to cover everything you need to know to be successful on your boards.

Each month will be devoted to a particular subsystem and all of my Twitter/Facebook posts and podcasts will follow this schedule:





MayNeurology and Psychiatry


JulyPulmonary and Infectious Disease


SeptemberGenitourinary and Endocrine


NovemberEmergency Medicine and Critical Care

DecemberHEENT and Dermatology

On top of the regular scheduled content above, I also provide 2 unique aspects for the blog only:

  1. PAINE PANCE Pearls
    1. Every other Saturday, I will post a clinical question pertaining to the monthly topic that will provide a quick review of a blueprint topic.  These will likely be clinical vignette questions with labs, images, radiography, etc..  They will end with open-ended questions to reflect on.
    2. The next Saturday, the answer will be posted with explanations and resources.
  2. Weekly Eponyms
    1. Every Wednesday, I will post a quick synopsis of a historical medical eponym.  I will provide the clinical significance of the eponym, the history behind it, who it is named after, and other interesting tidbits for your pimping pleasure.

2 thoughts on “About The Podcast and Blog

  1. So this Past Friday I listened to your podcast on Appendicitis. And as I was playing with my kids on Saturday morning (the day after) I thought, man my lower right abdomen hurts, and it sure feels a lot like he described in the podcast. So fast forward two hours, and I went to the ER, sure enough, it was appendicitis and I was in for emergency surgery an hour later. Glad for the helpful podcast…just kind of afraid to listen to any other more serious conditions for fear that I will get those the next day too. Thanks for the work!!

    Craig Brumagin

    Liked by 1 person

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