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My name is Kristopher Maday and I am the Program Director for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center PA Program in Memphis, TN.  I have been a PA since 2007 when I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham Surgical PA Program.  I have practice experience in emergency medicine, trauma/burns, surgery, critical care, medical nutrition, nutritional support, and urgent care medicine.  My path to education is pretty typical for healthcare providers. I started precepting PA students on the trauma/burn ICU elective rotation during my first year in clinical practice.  Word got back to my alma mater and the program invited me to give lectures during the student’s didactic year.  After doing this for 3 years, a full-time faculty position opened up and I took the plunge into academia in 2011.

I have a passion for incorporating social media/blogs/podcasts into traditional medical education.  Although this is directed towards physician assistants, hopefully all medical professions can benefit.  By doing this, I expand my reach from just the students in my classroom, to anyone who wants to learn more about medicine.

My educational philosophy and the motivation behind the PAINE project is simple and was first stated over 2000 years ago by Hippocrates in The Hippocratic Oath:

old paper or parchment
Hippocratic Oath and the FOAMed Philosophy

I LIFT THINGS UP AND PUT THEM DOWN!! (things I do for fun)

2021 – Smokey Mountain Scottish Games – Caber Toss
2021 – Smokey Mountain Scottish Games – Sheaf Toss (16lb sack, 20′ bar height)
2021 – Smokey Mountain Scottish Games – 42lb weight for height, 14′
2021 – Smokey Mountain Scottish Games – Braemer Stone (~25lb)
2021 – Smokey Mountain Scottish Games – Open Stone (~18lb)
2021 – Smokey Mountain Scottish Games – 28lb weight for distance
2021 – Smokey Mountain Scottish Games – 22lb Scottish Hammer
2006 – Strongman Competition – Hummer Push
2002 – Strongman Competition – Farmer Walk (250lb each hand)
2003 – Strongman Competition – 875lb Tire Flip