Provider Well-being

This page is dedicated to articles I have found useful in helping me through my struggles with burnout, both from a clinical standpoint and academic.

When “I” becomes “We”…illness becomes wellness

Great hashtag created for tips to help #catchafallingcolleague

American College of Physician’s Physician Well-being and Professional Satisfaction Resources

Hale AJ. 2018. Teaching and Learning in Medicine.

Hale AJ. 2018. Teaching and Learning in Medicine.

What is Resiliance?

What is your resilience quotient?

Paddy Barret on Burnout on “Explore the Space”

The Epidemic of Burnout, Depression, and Suicide in Medicine

Dr. Josh Cohen on Burnout on “The Doctor Paradox”

Is Burnout Inevitable in Medical Training?

Dr. Dike Drummond on burnout on “The Doctor Paradox” – Part 1

Dr. Dike Drummond on burnout on “The Doctor Paradox” – Part 2

Dr. Dike Drummond on burnout on “The Doctor Paradox” – Part 3

To prevent burnout, we need less resilience…not more

The battle against medical student and new-doctor burnout

Resilience in Medical Education: Defining Burnout and How Role Models Can Help

Interventions to prevent and reduce physician burnout: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Physician Burnout

Mindfulness in Medicine

The 3 “Bs” of Burnout

Why Some People Get Burned Out and Others Don’t

Tips on managing interprofessional conflict

What is at the root of physician burnout?

Burnout left its mark on this physician

Why doctors are burned out?

Why Physician Burnout Is Endemic, and How Health Care Must Respond

Doctors have alarmingly high rates of depression. One reason: medical school

How Resilience Works

Beating Burnout

AFP Podcast on Physician Wellness

Burnout and Importance of Coaching Surgeons

The Root of Physician Burnout

Fighting burnout: No is the wrong answer. It is not acceptable

The Dark Side of Doctoring

Stress and Burnout – Stanford

Here’s the place where burned out physicians go Wellness Part 1 – A Growing Issues Wellness Part 2 – Physician Depression and Suicidality

Occupational Wellness

Physician Burnout: Moving From Solutions to the Problem

10 Self-care strategies for residents

Burnout and Stress Among US Surgery Residents: Psychological Distress and Resilience

8 reasons burned out doctors refuse help

Enhancing clinical educator well‐being