Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery


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NCCPA Blueprint Topic List


Who to Follow on Social Media


Brendan Riordan

JAMA Cardiology

ECG Medical Training

American College of Cardiology

Stephen Smith

Learn The Heart

Tom Bouthillet

EMS 12-Lead

Websites and Blogs


Smith ECG Blog

Heart Axis

ECG Corner

American College of Cardiology

Clinical Guidelines for American College of Cardiology

Clinical Guidelines for American Heart Association

Learn the Heart

Heart Auscultation

Torrey EKG

New England Journal of Medicine – Cardiology Section

Cardiovascular Pharmacology Concepts

Links Medicus – Cardiovascular Guidelines

ECG Quiz

The ECG in Acute MI by Stephen Smith (PDF download)

ECG Interpretation by Dr. Ken Grauer

ECG Teacher

ECG of The Week

EMS 12-Lead

ECG Medical Training

ECG Wave-Maven

NEJM Resident 360 – Cardiology

ECG Waves (with free eBook)

Textbooks for Rotation


Apps for Clinical Rotation


Resident Intern Cardiology Companion

DrawMD – Cardiology

CardioSmart Explorer

Heart Decide

ACS Trials




AnticoagEvaluator for A.Fib

ASCVD Risk Estimator

The EMC MD Videos