Emergency Medicine


End of Rotation Exam Blueprint Topic List

Who to Follow on Social Media


This is tough because the #FOAMed movement was born by emergency medicine.  Just search for that hastag and have fun! There are just too many for me to list individually here and you will find the ones that rise to the top by following the hashtag and seeing who everyone else follows.

Websites and Blogs



EM Basic

Skeptics Guide to Emergency Medicine


CDEM Curriculum

Academic Life in Emergency Medicine





EM in 5

Kings of County

First 10 EM

Emergency Medicine Updates


EM Clearkship

Taming The SRU


EM Curious

Life In The Fast Lane

ED Procedures

Closing the Gap – Laceration Repair for the ED


EM Topics


EM in Focus

Free online prep-course for emergency medicine rotation (with certificate)

EM Pharmacotherapy Guidelines and Position Statements


Ultrasound Resources


NYSORA Regional Anesthesia

Highland Nerve Blocks

Neuraxiom Nerve Blocks

Emergency Ultrasound Teaching

Ultrasound Guide for Emergency Medicine

Textbooks for Rotation


Tintinalli’s Emergency Medicine

Rosen’s Emergency Medicine

Roberts and Hedges’ Clinical Procedures

First Aid Series – Emergency Medicine Clerkship

Emergency Medicine Boards

Books for Labcoat


Pocket Emergency Medicine

Tintinalli’s Emergency Manual

EMRA Antibiotic Guide

Emergency Medicine – The Medical Student Survival Guide

Basics of Emergency Medicine – The Chief Complaint Guide




Eye Emergency Manual

EMRA Antibiotic Guide

Basics of Emergency Medicine


Block GuRu (Regional Nerve Block)

EM Mindset Series by EmDocs


Bob Stuntz – Developing the EM Mindset

Rob Orman – The Successful ED Mindset

Reuben Strayer – 8 Responsibilities of the EM Doc

Steve Carroll – Masters of the Undifferentiated Patient

Andrew Sloas – Emergentologist

James Adams – Frameworks & Habits of an EP

Matt Dawson – The Ideal EM Mindset

Deborah Diercks – The EM Environment

Compton Broders – A Reflection

Nikita Joshi – An Emergency Medicine State of Mind

Pik Mukherji – Three Defining Factors of EM

Sergey Motov – Complex & Dynamic

Larissa Velez – The Unique EM Mindset

Felix Ankel – A Systems Mindset

Sean M. Fox – Humble Arrogance

Christopher Hicks – The EM Mindset

Salim R. Rezaie – The Successful EM Mindset

Jeff Riddell – 2 Crucial Non-Clinical Cornerstones

Daniel Cabrera – The Chaos Organizer and the Fear Tamer

Amy Kaji – The ED is the Equalizer

Michael B. Weinstock – Not Like Reading a Book at the Beach

Seth Trueger – Resuscitation, Risk Stratification, Care Coordination

Rob Bryant – Seven rules that make me nicer to work with (when I remember them)

Zack Repanshek – Making a Difference in People’s Lives

Mike Stone – Don’t Be A Lazy Jacka**

John P. Marshall – The Twin Challenges of EM Practice

James E. Colletti – Educating Amidst Chaos

Corey Slovis – Excitement vs. Dread & Anger

Jordana Haber – The Unique Skills

Anand Swaminathan – Lessons from John Hinds

Sam Ghali – Make Things Happen, Save Lives, Alleviate Suffering

Tim Horeczko – To Safeguard, To Comfort, To Guide

Al Lulla – The Med Student Edition

Matt Pirotte – My Attending School

D. Mark Courtney – Improve the Human Condition – Defining Your Own Happiness

Jason Wagner – The EM Hive Mind

Charlotte Wills – Black Clouds

Christopher Doty – Approaching the World

Alex Koyfman – A Career Worth Pursuing

Joe Lex – Thinking Like An Emergency Physician

Louis Ling – Mistakes, Teaching, Connecting

Shannon Moffett – The Fickle Gravity of Fear

Judith Tintinalli – Reading My Mind

Loice A. Swisher – Longevity

James O’Neill – The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Mindset

Anton Helman – Beyond the ED

Eric Shappell – Preparedness and the Mental Emergency Department

Judd Hollander – Secrets to an Academic Career

Elise Lovell – Occupational Wellness

Justin Morgenstern – Accepting Uncertainty and Lifelong Learning