Answer to Surgery Question

The lesser utilized dividing of the abdomen into 9 section is more academic than practical (though I would argue the more specific you can be in your documentation and conversation with consultants, the better).  To better orient to these regions you have to be familiar with the following four anatomic lines: transpyloric line (Addison’s plane), transtubercular line, and the left and right mammary line.


Drawing these 4 lines make up the “tic-tac-toe” board of the abdomen and the nine regions of the abdomen:


Right hypochondriacbody-regions-torso


Left hypochondriac

Right lumbar


Left Lumbar

Right iliac


Left iliac


So what structures are found in each region?

Abdominal Organs and sections

Now you know what organs are found in each section, what are some differential diagnoses for each region if a patient comes in with localized abdominal pain?

Abdominal Pain Differential


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