PAINE #PANCE Pearl – Surgery



  1. What are the five classic causes of a post-operative fever?
  2. What are two other clever causes to think of (if I do say so myself)?




  1. The five classic causes of post-operative fever are:
    1. Wind = lungs (atelectasis, pneumonia, aspiration) = POD 1-2
    2. Water = UTI = POD 2-3
    3. Wound = surgical site infection = POD 3-5
    4. Walking = DVT = POD 3-5
    5. Wonder drugs = drug reactions = anytime
  2. Another two “W’s” to add to this list:
    1. Withdrawal = typically alcohol
    2. “Wonky” glands = thyrotoxicosis, adrenal crisis


Check out my article in JAAPA from 2016 on “Evaluating Postoperative Fever” for a more in-depth look

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