Sjögren’s Syndrome

Other Known AliasesGougerot’s syndrome

Definitionchronic autoimmune inflammatory disease characterized by diminished lacrimal and salivary gland function

Clinical Significance Patients affected by this disease have dry eyes, dry mouth, dry skin, and various other systemic abnormalities. The exact mechanism is unknown, but is believed to be a combination of genetics (HLA association) and environmental triggers (viral pathogens).

HistoryNamed after Henrik Samuel Conrad Sjögren (1899-1986), who was a Swedish ophthalmologist who received his medical doctorate from the Karolinksa Institutet in 1922. He married a classmate of his (Maria Hellgren), who also happened to be the daughter of one of the most prominent ophthalmologists in Stockholm. He first encountered his future eponymous disease in 1925, and published a case report of five patients in 1930. He completed his doctoral thesis in 1993 on “Zur Kenntnis der keratoconjunctivitis sicca”, but unfortunately did not earn him the title of docent to pursue a career in academia. He did however enjoy a prolific career with numerous honorific appointments…..including docent at the University of Göteborg in 1961.


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