PAINE #PANCE Pearl – Emergency Medicine


You are winding down your 8a-8p shift in the fast track section of your emergency department when a 19-month girl is brought in my her father after falling out of a shopping cart at Home Depot at around 7:15pm. Her father saw her fall and couldn’t catch her before she hit the ground. She immediately began crying and her father denies any loss of consciousness or vomiting. She cried for approximately 30 minutes and her father started to worry that she is now “sleepy”. Other than the sleepiness, her behavior has been normal per her father.

Physical examination does not reveal any periorbital or posterior auricular ecchymosis and there is no hemotympanum. There are no other abrasions or ecchymosis present and her eyes are open and she can track your movements. There is no palpable depressions or crepitus on the skull. She is moving all extremities, reaching for her toys, and saying “Daddy” towards her father.

  1. Does this child need further imaging?
  2. What studies are available to help make this decision?

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