PAINE #PANCE Pearl – Critical Care


A large part of critical care and ICU management revolves around hemodynamic monitoring and support. But…..we typically don’t use traditional blood pressure (systolic and diastolic) numbers directly.

We use MAP!!!

  1. What is MAP?
  2. How do you calculate it?
  3. Why is it a better variable to monitor when it comes to blood pressure and critical care?

One thought on “PAINE #PANCE Pearl – Critical Care

  1. 1. Mean arterial pressure
    2. 1/3 * SBP + 2/3 * DBP = MAP (find a calculator or use the one one your phone OR use an app) 😄
    3. MAP is a better indicator of the perfusion of organs than a BP reading. Desired value is greater than 60 mmHg.

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