Sertoli Cells

Other Known Aliases – none

Definitionsustentacular cell of the convoluted seminiferous tubule of the testes

Clinical Significance these cells are activated by FSH to produce and mature sperm during spermatogenesis

HistoryNamed after Enrico Sertoli (1842-1910), who was an Italian physiologist and histologist and received his medical doctorate from the University of Pavia in 1865. His love and passion for histology was groomed while training under Eusebio Oehl, who was an early pioneer in microscopic anatomy and histopathology. He would go on to become professor of anatomy and physiology at the Royal School of veterinary medicine in Milan and it was here that he founded the laboratory of experimental physiology. In 1865, during his tenure in Milan, he published the paper describing his eponymous cell.


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