Ranson’s Criteria

Other Known Aliases – none

Definitionclinical decision instrument to predict mortality of acute pancreatitis on admission and after the first 48 hours

Clinical Significance this was one of the first instruments to help with the initial management of patients with acute pancreatitis. Now, it has been largely been replaced by more accurate and reliable calculations and is taught only for historical purposes.

History – Named after John H. C. Ranson (1938-1995), an English-American surgeon who received his medical doctorate from Oxford University in 1960. He would complete his surgical residency at Bellevue Hospital and New York University Medical Center, where he would join as faculty and later as the Director of the Division of General Surgery. He would have a prolific career primarily focusing on the alimentary tract with concentration on the pancreas. He would publish his eponymous scoring system in 1974 which not only improved the clinical care of patients with pancreatitis, but also improved the quality of the research by finally being able to compare severity groups of treatment arms.


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