Bundle of His

Other Known Aliases atrioventricular bundle

Definitioncollection of electrical conduction cells of the heart that transmit impulses from the AV node to the ventricles

Clinical Significance this bundle of cells is responsible for communication contraction impulses from the atria to the ventricles. Any damage to this area can result in varying degrees of heart block and conduction abnormalities

HistoryNamed after Wilhelm His Jr. (1863-1934), a Swiss-born cardiologist and anatomist who received his medical doctorate from the University of Leipzig in 1889. The son of the equally famous Basel anatomist Wilhelm His Sr., he would become professor extraordinaire at his alma mater 6 year after graduating. He also went on to be physician-in-chief at the Friedrichstadt Hospital in Dresden, chair of internal medicine in Berlin, and advisory internist for several armies during World War I. He would describe his eponymous bundle as an assistant professor in 1893.


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