Fascia of Camper

Other Known Aliasessuperficial fascia of abdominal wall

DefinitionThe fatty outer layer of the superficial abdominal fascia and is continuous with the superficial fascia of the thigh.

Clinical SignificanceThis is one of the classic nine abdominal layers you cut through when performing open abdominal procedures and is a favorite pimp question among general surgeons.

HistoryNamed after Petrus Camper (1722-1789), who was a Dutch physician and anatomist, and received both a PhD and medical doctorate from the University of Leiden in 1746 at the age of 24. He spent many years as a traveling doctor throughout Europe. He subsequently held positions as professorships of surgery and philosophy at Franeker University and University of Amsterdam. He was a scholar and gentleman throughout his illustrious career and made tremendous strides in the fields of human and veterinary medicine, anthropology, and the arts.

Camper’s Anatomy Lesson (1758)


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