Cooper’s Ligaments

Other Known Aliasesligamenta suspensoria mammaria

Definitionconnective tissue of the breast that helps maintain structural integrity

Clinical Significance these ligaments run from the clavicle and clavipectoral fascia to the dermis of the skin under the breast and their main clinical function is to support the breast and contribute to the shape and contour of the breast.

HistoryNamed after Sir Astley Paston Cooper (1768-1841), who was an English surgeon and anatomist and trained under Henry Cline and John Hunter before being appointed demonstrator of anatomy in 1789. This was the start to a well-renowned career as professor of anatomy and surgery throughout England culminating in receiving baronetcy in 1820 and becoming sergeant surgeon to George IV in 1828. He made tremendous contributions to the early advancement in surgery including his seminal work on hernias and surgical techniques in the management of vascular aneurysms. He first described his eponymous findings in his text “On the Anatomy of the Breast” in 1840.


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