Naegele’s rule

Other Known Aliasesestimated date of delivery

Definitionestimation of delivery assuming a 280 day gestation period and is calculated from the FIRST day of the last menstrual cycle by adding 1 year, subtracting 3 months, and adding 7 days.

Clinical Significance this is a quick and easy estimation of the delivery date for planning purposes and is used in most apps and delivery wheels. In the age of ease of ultrasound, direct measurement is becoming the standard, but this is still a very important calculation to remember.

HistoryNamed after Franz Karl Naegele (1778-1851), who was a German obstetrician and received his medical doctorate from the the University of Bamberg. He had a very successful practice in Barmen, Germany, before he went on to become full professor of obstetrics in 1810 at the University of Heidelberg. He first mentioned his rule, and credited Hermann Boerhaave who first mentioned it in 1744, in a manuscript in 1812, but was given the eponym by Gunning Bedford, professor of obstetrics and diseases of Women and Children at the University of New York, in 1872.


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