PAINE #PANCE Pearl – Surgery


Surgery is a major physiologic stress and often is accompanied by biochemical derangements that effect homeostasis in the post-operative period. Describe the most common clinical scenarios that can cause each of the four main acid-base imbalances in a post-surgical patient.


  • Metabolic Acidosis
    • Lactic acidosis (HAGMA)
      • Under-resuscitation
      • Blood loss
    • Hyperchloremia (NAGMA)
      • High chloride load from NaCl
  • Metabolic Alkalosis
    • Volume contraction and bicarbonate reabsorption
    • GI loss from NG tube suction or emesis
  • Respiratory Acidosis
    • Opioid medications causing depressed respiratory drive
  • Respiratory Alkalosis
    • Splinting from pain

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